Artists, makers and designers from Belfast School of Art (listed below) worked with young people across Northern Ireland to be inspired by scientific research and create their own ART X SCIENCE creations.

Louise O’Boyle

As Associate Head of Belfast School of Art I am passionate about learning and exploring with people the world we live in. Humans have impacted and altered the Earth’s systems and this new era calls for world-wide discussions on how we live with our changing planet.

I create works that aim to provoke discussion about our current geologic epoch: the Anthropcene. And focus attention on the oceans, the micro-organisms that inhabit them, our collective connections and future.

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Rebekah Wilson

As a self-professed material alchemist, each of my pieces are made primarily out of hand-made and self-invented materials such as slime and latex based mixtures that contain anything from polystyrene and peas to orange peel and fake snow.

My work is an exploration of materials; how a variety of ingredients can be combined, manipulated and controlled to create a multitude of unique results is something I find deeply interesting and intriguing.

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Georgia Collins

As an Illustrator, I enjoy reflecting the relationships between human beings and/or creatures in their environments.

I develop characters based on micro-organisms, small biological details and generally very small things that are, in fact, an important impact on ourselves and our environment. In a way, this allows the viewers to gain a better understanding of themselves and encourage humans to think of what other great things are out in the world!

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